Treat Yourself

Channel your inner Herc and treat yourself like royalty!

Designed with love, inspired by sass.

“A merch store for your dead cat? Tacky!”

– Random internet troll

Herc has had merch since 2018 – this isn’t new. We’ve spent hours creating these designs and we know that people still love them. Herc may be gone but his unapologetic authenticity lives on.

We chose to keep Herc’s merch store not only so folks can still have a connection to Herc, but because the proceeds store goes directly towards the maintenance of this website and the software licensed to create it.

…but if you think it’s tacky to buy merch, show your appreciation for the education and insight we share by making a donation to help us keep the site running.

Have questions?

Head over to our FAQ section to learn more about our store, sizes, shipping methods and more.

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